Ford Ranger OE Replacement EV6T1 A180CB / EV6T1A150CB TPMS Sensor 433Mhz

Model: AM-3023

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Replacement Ford Range Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor to suit the following OE Part Numbers.EV6T1 A180CB / EV6T1 A150CB.

Please ensure your original sensor is one of these part numbers listed above.

The Sensor must be learned by using your vehicles factory relearn procedure. Please check whether any special programming tool is required.

Ford Ranger Relearn Summary: Stationary Relearn

Relearn Description

For a standard ignition

1. Fill all four tires with the recommended pressure.

2. Tighten the handbrake.

3. Set the ignition to the OFF position, then operate the brake pedal and release it

4. Set the ignition to the RUN position (ON) 3 times quickly from OFF (OFF) (do not start engine). Finish the process in the RUN position.

5. Operate and release the brake pedal.

6. Set the ignition to the OFF position

7. Switch the ignition to the RUN position three times quickly from the OFF- (OFF) position (do not start the engine), end the process in the RUN position. Note: All above actions must be performed within 10 seconds.

8. A single horn sounds and the TPMS light flashes as soon as the training mode is initiated.

9. If a message center is present, it displays RELEARN LF Tire.

10. Use the device to activate the sensor on the front, a single horn will sound when the sensor is detected.

11. Repeat the step for the right front, rear right and left rear tires.

12. After learning LR, the message center displays: TRAINING MODE COMPLETTE (training mode completed). If the vehicle is not equipped with a message center display, the successful completion will be indicated by the fact that no horn is sounded after the ignition is set to the OFF position.

May suit the following vehicles listed below.

Ford B-MAX (JK8) (from 2014-03 to 2018-04)
Ford C-Max (DXA) (from 2014-03 to 2019-12)
Ford Ecosport (JK8) (from 2014-10 to 2017-12)
Ford F-150 (from 2014-03 to 2015-03)
Ford F-150 (from 2015-08 to 2021-02)
Ford Fiesta Van (from 2014-03 to 2017-07)
Ford Fiesta VI (from 2014-03 to 2017-04)
Ford Focus III (from 2014-03 to 2018-08)
Ford F-Series (from 2014-03 to 2015-06)
Ford F-Series (from 2015-08 to 2021-04)
Ford Ka+ (from 2016-06 to 2020-12)
Ford Kuga (from 2014-03 to 2020-06)
Ford Mondeo (MK5) (from 2014-10 to 2017-08)
Ford Ranger (from 2014-03 to 2022-09)
Ford Tourneo Connect (from 2014-07 to 2018-02)
Ford Tourneo Courier (from 2014-10 to 2022-04)
Ford Transit Connect (from 2014-03 to 2018-02)
Ford Transit Courier (from 2014-10 to 2022-04)