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Replacement LEARNABLE sensor. Suit TD-2000A-X

Model: TD-SN2000A-X


Coming Soon or Temporarily Out of Stock


These sensors will only work with the TD-2000A Model only.

Replacement External type LEARNABLE sensor to suit the TYREDOG™ TD-2000A X Series Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. (Pressure Range: 0 to 180 PSI - Frequency 314Mhz)

Includes 1 x CR1632 3V Battery and a SecureFit fixing ring.

Important Note: Please ensure you order the correct Wheel Position. (Wheel 1 to 12)

Model: TD-SN-2000A-X1 (Wheel 1)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X2 (Wheel 2)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X3 (Wheel 3)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X4 (Wheel 4)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X5 (Wheel 5)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X6 (Wheel 6)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X7 (Wheel 7)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X8 (Wheel 8)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X9 (Wheel 9)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X10 (Wheel 10)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X11 (Wheel 11)
Model: TD-SN-2000A-X12 (Wheel 12) Disclaimer
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